Helping Prisoners Succeed A community action

Helping Prisoners Succeed is a non-profit organization that has actively methodized an intention to empower current inmates, ex offenders, juveniles, and victims to transcend social, financial, and emotional traumas caused by unlawful woes.

Programs offered by this assembly are all designed with the intimate purpose of revitalizing, and developing an enlightened quality of living accessible to the most disenfranchised of minorities which are of African American decent.

Advancement for all races is the aspiration, and programs and services are available to all who qualify with the primary focus being on members of the minority community.

Programs and services accessible to qualified applicants include education, training, employment, food, housing, paralegal and attorney services, reentry and transitional services and more are offered with the sole purpose of emptying all prisons of our people, all while presently addressing the growing frustrations that we collectively share which are set by a long history of ill conditioned social standards.

Raymond Gissendaner

1450 Lake Bradford Rd, Suite C

Tallahassee Fl, 32314


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Kendrick Smith

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