Stoned By Smash Mouth

Astro Lounge

1999 | Rock

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"My mind is blown but it's my own, so deal with it. -- I'm feeling fine most the time. -- I may be on the outside but no ones getting in, so leave me alone."


  • Astro Lounge featured the overplayed Allstar. This is not that song thankfully.
  • The song was written by guitarist Greg Camp.
  • The band formed in 1994 in San Jose, CA.


Luke Tatum

This song makes me feel like a bit of a prude. I completely, 100% agree that people should be allowed to put whatever they want to into their body. Smoke what you want, drink what you want, whatever! With that disclaimer out of the way, I've never so much as tried any drugs outside of caffeine and alcohol. The only alcohol I've had is stuff like kombucha, cough syrup, and a handful of wines. I didn't even care for the wines, and I haven't had a kombucha in several years now. Again, I must repeat--it's awesome that people can try whatever they want! I just don't have any desire for these things. Coffee and tea do it for me, but the song is correct: "It'll be alright."

Sherry Voluntary

Oh the organ heavy Smashmouth singing about getting stoned. Makes me want to find some board shorts and a blunt. This song hits the main artery of libertariansim, Self Ownership. We all own ourselves and nothing we do that does not violate someone else’s rights should be actionable under the law. Like the song says, “My mind is blown, but it’s my own.” Funny how some people have such a hard time understanding such a simple concept.

Nicky P

I was a big fan of the first Smash Mouth album Fush Yu Mang because i was 13. I was really disappointed when Astro Longe cam out for the most part. That said this song always tickled my little punk rock streak. I was still a couple of years away from touching a drug and even then never really jibed with them...until acid in my late 20's but thankfully it's hard to find. The thing is it's not up to me to care what anyone else enjoys doing as long as it's not hurting anyone. This song opens up a dialogue that could easily be about the overreach and intrusion by busybodies into everyone's lives around us; it could start yet another conversation about the war on drugs, or maybe even about the ridiculousness of the double standard in regards to our rulers in office.. Take your pick, this silly song with a simple message checks the boxes i think great liberty music should check.

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Nicky P

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