Society & Dreams Jeremiah Rivera

What do authors try to teach us about society and dreams?

Society can be harsh in every moment of life. Dreams dont always come true at the end. Not everything is going to be a success in every step we take. Sometimes if we are knocked down, we have to get back up and try again. Always try until you get where you want to go. In "Of Mice and Men", George doesn't get to live in a big ranch but Lennie didn't get to tend the rabbits. It was a dream for them to live on a big ranch together. But not all dreams lead to where they are suppose to.

Of Mice and Men

Through out the novel "Of Mice and Men", Lennie was looking forward to tending the rabbits on the farm; which was where George and Lennie were suppose to live in the future. In page 13, it's saying how George wants Lennie to stay so he can help him with litttle things. "George said, "I want you to stay with me, Lennie. Jesus Christ, somebody'd shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself" (pg.13). This passage is showing how George likes how Lennie helps around sometimes, but George also says, "life would be easier without you in the way."

The Neckace

In the Necklace, Md.Lousel shows that she knows what she is doing. The things she does is that she tries to be high class and wants the attention. "She grieved incessantly, feeling that she had been born for all little niceties and luxuries of living". She puts herself down thinking she has nothing and she also hates what life she is living. "I look like a pauper..." . As she learns that nothing is going here way, she tries to change so people can see the real Md.Loisel. At the end, she learns that nothing is easy and she also learns to be something she isn't.

Modern Example

In the movie fireproof, the wife and husband were fighting a lot because each one expected certain things from on another. Through out the movie, they each learned new things that can be used through their marriage. As the movie goes, the husband tries to prove that he can change and to show that he can be trusted. He also sacrifices everything he had to make her happy.


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