Pewter Jewellery

My Jewellery is in the shape of a moon because I thought it looked nice. The thing that is good about mine is that it has a smooth curved edge all around it, I resolved a problem with mine by the way I was sanding because it originally looked locked a fifty pence piece so I changed the technique of samding to make it smooth. I made a mould on the computer then it was created in the laser cutter,the we melted it and poured the pewter into our moulds. Ypthen I sanded it from grade 80 to 1000 but then I dropped it so had to redo it. Finally I drilled hole into it so I can make it into necklace. The design makes me feel calm and tired because the moon remind me of night time and sleep. I asked others how my Jewellery made them feel and they said it made them feel peaceful because of what a moon reminded them of. The good things about my necklace is that it is very smooth and looks pleasing to the eye a,d that it has a smooth edge to it. The things that I could have improved is that if it didn't have as many big scratches on it so it could like it could be sold in the jewellers and that it had a bit more shine to it would make it look a bit better also it could be a bit smaller because it has a lot of weight to it. Improvements I could make to make my Jewellery look better is if it didn't have as many scratches in it makes it look tacky. Overall my pewter Jewellery looks okay it could look better if I make the improvements but I wish I made it a different size so it could be more casual to wear.

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