Future Community Stars Present:

LEO Hearted Mentorship Services is an initiative of LEO Hearted Cares Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. LEO Hearted Cares' mission is to increase public safety and strengthen ties between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Imagine this...Speaking with kids about community service, encouraging them to come up with community service projects, then figuring out how to make the project come to life. Now, factor in family, community members, and law enforcement all pitching in and volunteering to make it happen. The very same community the youth is attempting to serve, in turn, serving them. The goal is the development of the next generation of community orientated leaders. That's what "Future Community Stars Present:" is about. If interested in volunteering or just finding out about one of our upcoming events, click below.

Questions, comments, concerns? e-mail: LHAllStars@LEOHeartedcares.org


Kicking it off
Sorting of the Donations
All the participants after a fun filled event


LEO Hearted LLC

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