Dragons and Dinosaurs By Meg moss

CONTRAPTION: Device Machine

This is a good CONTRAPTION.

SUBMERGED: immersed

This catfish is SUBMERGED underwater!!!

MASSIVE: Enormous solid

This peacock's tail is MASSIVE!!!

EERIE:creepy weird

the room is very EERIE and creepy!!!!

ROAM:wander travel

She has ROAMED for many days on end.

OBSTACLES: impediment barrier

This brick Wall would be used in a good OBSTACLE course.

ELEGANT: tastefull

This is a very ELEGANT Cheese burger.

COMPLICATED: complex intricate

This is very COMPLICATED.


Created with images by Unsplash - "workstation office business" • Pexels - "animal catfish fish" • fotshot - "peacock bird blue" • Meitzke - "candles wick wax" • keulefm - "girl summer dress" • LeoNeoBoy - "brick brick background stone pattern" • Meditations - "abstract barbeque bbq" • doreen_sawitza - "egypt temple hieroglyphics"

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