Sustaining the Good Life Lucía Cabanela. Judy Jo Shippen, and Megan Simmons


by Wangari Muta Maathai

  • Kenyan environmental political activist
  • Nobel Peace Price in recognition of her "contribution to sustainable developments, human rights and peace"
  • Founded Green Belt Movement- poverty reduction and environmental conservation through the planting of trees
  • Protest against the government after finding out the Kenyan government was giving away parts of the Karura forest to build houses.
  • Offers inspiring message of hope and prosperity through self-sufficiency
  • Perseverance = key to overcoming/challenging difficulties
  • QUESTION: Do you think your culture/society influences the importance you place on conservation of the planet? Do you feel it is your responsibility to be involved?
Land Ethics
  • Humans have damaged ecosystems and the land as a whole
  • Conservation is necessary
  • Conservation won't happen to the extent we need it to if we only focus on land's immediate economic value
  • Humans have an ethical obligation to the land: society needs to see that the land has a right to exist in and of itself
  • Conservation must be primarily through society and its citizens
  • Government can help but it is often too big and unwieldy to be truly effective
  • QUESTION: How can individuals help with conservation? How do we as a society begin to establish "land ethics"?
How to protect the Oceans
  • 90% of the big fish are gone from the ocean
  • Ocean is becoming more acidic
  • No blue= no green
  • Can't see the damage being done
  • Nature on her island is dying
  • Her people don't want to travel through the ocean
  • Heart of Te'fiti was stolen
  • Restores the island


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