MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | December 2019 Edition

Looking for that special Christmas gift for the person who has everything – have you considered a skin printer? You know, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Welcome to the Holiday Edition of MBriefs. If you are tired of playing the same old holiday games at your office Christmas party, consider measuring brains – it’s fun…and it can serve as an early predictor for Alzheimer’s. And just so you have that extra money to pay your holiday credit card bills, we provide you with some ways to save money on your prescriptions.

Have a great Holiday Season from MB’s Strategy & Innovation Team!

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

Yo! Give me some skin…. No wait, I can print my own!

How cool is this? Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine is printing restorative skin with patient’s own skin cells. They can determine the exact shape, the size, and even the depth to produce all three levels of skin; epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis allowing the graft to fit perfectly, with little to no rejection.

This 3D printing process has expediated the wound-healing process. By perfecting these outcomes, they prevent major scarring and the psychological effects that can accompany these types of injuries. This treatment is still fairly new, but human testing may already be underway. To answer the earlier question, this is really freakin’ cool!

Size Really Does Matter!

Your brain size, to be exact. Sadly, it is still true there is no cure for Alzheimer’s; however, with recent technology, it has been discovered that with an updated, more in-depth MRI test, our brain size, on the cellular level, can reveal the early onset of dementia. This medical breakthrough enables both the patient and the research teams abroad. Having this knowledge can prepare the patient physically with the demands of financial planning, etc. Medically speaking, this data has steered pharmaceutical companies and scientists in the right direction, possibly to a cure. If memory starts to fail, consider an MRI, the sooner the better.

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

Pharmacy spend is going through the roof, but it doesn’t have to. There are simple options to reduce the cost of your prescription. Look for free memberships and coupons to help reduce the cost of today’s high-priced drugs. It isn’t a complete fix, but it is an easy patch to apply to decrease the expenditure. Watch this video for more cost saving tips!

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

We celebrate a first for Side Affects by welcoming an assistant college professor and educator from The University of Cincinnati. Bob Higgins joins Kenzie and Scott to talk about the Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management at UC. Insurance effects everybody, every single day. Not many people grow up aspiring to be an insurance consultant, but Bob explains how students are unaware of the incredible industry opportunities. Listen and learn Bob's mission for his pupils, how he has established such a prominent department at the university and the center's national rankings.

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

Our 2019 Learning Center season has come to an end… we look forward to seeing you again in spring 2020.

Take a look at these kind words from our friend at the City of Sharonville. Jim recently nominated McGohan Brabender for this recognition and we placed in the top 25!

"MB also holds a leadership and educational training program, called their “Learning Center” and brings in regional and national experts to talk on a variety of issues. These have been very beneficial." - Jim Lukas, Safety Service Director at City of Sharonville

Please take a moment and share any feedback, suggestions or ideas with us! What did you like about this year’s Learning Center presentations? What, if anything, would you change? Timing? Presenters? Food? Introductions? Notifications? What would you like to see next year? Are there any topics you would like to learn more about?

For those who did not attend any of the learning centers, what do we need to present to get you in here?

Thank you for your attendance!

To Post or Not to Post?

Hello HR Execs, it’s finally time for you to join the social media revolution. Embrace social media and use the tools that your employees will understand and accept. With the straight-forward tips listed below, you are one step closer to trending all the way home.

How to get the most out of your LinkedIn news feed:

Tip #1

To create a more productive, engaging and useful LinkedIn news feed, use the search box in LinkedIn to curate your news feed to your personal likes, interests and fields of expertise!


If you don't do this, you're really just scrolling through a news feed full of random, promoted ads that are targeting you, people you don't know, and topics you don't relate to. Be strategic. Bookmark your employees, coworkers, clients and prospects and visit them frequently. When you like and comment on their posts, their content and the content you WANT to see will make up your news feed.

Tip #2

"Notify employees of post."


If you manage your company LinkedIn page, you are responsible for sharing content, engaging with employees and clients and gaining followers. An easy way to make sure your content is reaching people associated with your company -- click the three dots in the top right corner of your newly published post, and click "Notify employees of post." Voilà! You can activate this button once a week and your posts will show up in your employees notifications and news feed.

Tip #3

Clean up your feed by hiding content or unfollowing people and companies! Don't worry - they won't know if you did!


All of your LinkedIn connections are important, but their posts might not always be relevant to you. When you unfollow a person, you will no longer see their posts, but you’ll remain connected on LinkedIn and the person will not know you’ve unfollowed them. Just click the three dots in the top right corner and choose "Unfollow" or "hide this post"... and just like that -- a cleaner feed!

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

One-Stop Shopping for Your Information

Blockchain technology has a very broad scope, starting first with the financial world, and now, it is branching out to the health care system. The main concept is to have one true health care record; to bring all the patient’s information together, from personal wearables, hospital data, and doctor visits compiled as one single view. Blockchain will put the patient back in control of their health care.

To take it a step further, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has elevated medical technology beyond expectations, but AI requires a great deal of data to be effective. With Blockchain compiling all data, AI will have the ability to knock down even more medical barriers.

The attached research report digs deeper into the future of Blockchain in the medical industry.

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