Creating Remix Campaigns with Spark Post A Step-by-step Guide

What Are Remix Templates Good For?

Remixables are a great way to give a "base design" to your audience, and have them customize a few or all of the elements to make the message their own. Use them for:

  • Live events - get attendees quickly and easily sharing their favorite moments from an event and increase chances that your brand and hashtag will come along for the ride.
  • Social campaigns aimed at generating UGC - Ask users to fill-in-the-blank, add their own text or imagery, or customize a shareable image. The best designs are clear about what you're asking users to customize. Use supportive copy to elaborate on instructions.

How Does it Work?

For users who already have Spark Post installed, clicking on the remixable marketing link will open the design automatically in the app, dropping the user directly into the editing flow. For new users, they'll be prompted to download the app/signup; then the image will reappear. The whole process takes less than a minute.

You create the starting design in a shared Spark Post account. The Spark team will provide you a shareable link that will work across devices. Share the link wherever the image appears. After the campaign, follow up with the Spark team for stats on clicks and remix counts.

Previous Examples

#ShatterStereotypes: We provided prompts and asked people to share their favorite feminist quote

Check out the landing page for more examples!

Live Event Coverage at Social Media Marketing World: We promoted a template and asked users to customize with their own tip

See remix in action!

How to Get Started

  1. Create your design in Spark Post, using the shared account below. Please be careful not to edit anyone else's design. This account is shared among a few Adobe employees and Spark community manager, Amy Copperman.
  2. Ping Amy Copperman ( when your design is finished. She'll deliver the marketing link.
  3. Share the marketing link wherever the Post image appears in the campaign.

Spark Post Account: Spark Post in App Store


PW: RemixTemplate17

Creating the Best Possible Remix Templates

Spark Post is easy and fast to use and much of the design wisdom is built in. Still there are a few things to keep in mind when creating designs that will deliver the best remixable experience for the user:

  1. Determine which elements you want to be customizable: Every element created in Spark Post is remixable. If you want an element carried across all designs, it must be a part of the background image. Keep in mind that the background image can be changed in Spark Post by any user and applying a new design may conflict with any text part of the background image.
  2. Craft the message around what you want users to do: The best remixable designs use a CTA or a question to make it clear which elements the user should customize.
  3. Limit the remixable text elements to 3: The best remixable designs are simple and not intimidating to non-designers. Limit your design to 3 type lock ups total. Using more than three text elements will lead Post to applying distinct colors across all three if a new palatte is selected, and this can lead to a busy design that doesn't have a clear sense of hierarchy due to many colors drawing attention to different text elements.
  4. Opt for simple background imagery: The best background imagery is clean enough that it won't compete with the text. Place your text in white space or use the layout functionality to set text apart from the image. Alternatively use solid background colors or patterns as your starting design.
  5. Use a backing shape for one text element per design: Backing elements are great to help the main text stand out against images or for secondary elements like a CTA button, or a social handle. We recommend limiting shapes to one per design to best clarity.
  6. Do not break up text in one text element: Post will not honor line breaks during remixing, so it's best to establish hierarchy by adding multiple text elements.
  7. Apply colors using Post's palettes: Post does a great job of suggesting palettes based on the colors of your image. We suggest using one of the pre-loaded palettes to take advantage of Post's design intelligence.
  8. Follow design principles: A strong starting design will yield better remixes. Check out these design articles on the Spark blog for more tips on being successful with Spark Post: 19 Templates That Will Teach You Good Design, 13 Rules for Adding Text to Images, 6 Tips for Picking Photos That Will Go Well with Text

More Remix Inspiration

Check out these recent remix campaigns:

Remix Link:

Remix Link:

Spark Post's Inspiration Wall on iOS is full of templates that provide a good starting point for creating Remixables.

Happy Creating!

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