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Founded in 2017 by two good friends. We wanted to share our passion for fine vintage watches with the world through articles and reviews. We aim to provide a clear and compressive source of information for the budding collector and also the experienced collector.

The History Behind Our Idea:

We all have unique memories of our childhood. Some of the most profound memories Fred and my childhood are of laughing and playing with our father's. We always remembered the watches they would wear. Often a simple no date gold watch or a Doxa Antimagnetique such as the one my grandfather wore. It is these memories that keeps us attached to these small machines of wonder. Not merely the watch itself, but the memories and emotions they evoke. We hope through the creation of this website to foster these memories among our readers as well as develop a deeper understanding of the watch world.

Starting soon Vintage Wrists will publish a weekly article of 5 vintage watches and what makes them particularly interesting or rare. We aim to provide a clear source of knowledge through a comprehensive analysis of the watches. Furthermore, we will provide our subscribers with the often compelling history of the watches such as how their creation came to be or the person who may have worn the model in particular.

We hope to foster a community of watch aficionados who share the same passion with us. Over time we aim to have guest writers who will share their story regarding watches and their unique experience related to a particular model or person who may have worn the watch.

Another unique goal for our new company is to collaborate with other well-known watch blogs, review sites and sellers. Through this collaboration we will host events in which collectors may gather and share their knowledge and possibly trade their watches.

We will also post news related to knew watch releases and auctions for vintage watches. We hope to be your one stop source for all information regarding vintage and luxury watches.

We invite you to view our weekly posts and look forward to developing a deeper relationship within the vintage watch community.

Who we are:

Hi! We are Jack and Fred. Two friends and fellow watch enthusiasts. We aim to create a content rich website devoted to vintage and luxury watches. We are currently full time students at University and hope to start our careers as professional vintage watch enthusiast and commentators. Hopefully you will support our site by reading our articles and also sending us feedback as well as comments. We would love to hear from our readers!

Wondering what our first watches were?

Fred's first watch was a Vintage Fortis Cosmaunots Special Chronograph and Jack's first watch was a Vintage Stainless Steel Doxa Antimagnetique which he found in a store in Prague. Both watches are still in pristine condition and worn regularly.

Please stay tuned for our Facebook page which is in the process of being created. Also, we will have a YouTube Channel to show video reviews as well as conversations soon as well. Furthermore, we will soon have a link which you can submit your email to receive an RSS feed..

This website was created by John Packer Lebo IV and Frédéric Ysewijn

Created By
John Lebo


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