This is Mercy By: sabrina degeorge

Girls hard at work in the Academic Success Center

A very big part of Mercy is technology. In almost every class we put our iPads to use. Technology is becoming so prevalent in our world today. Having social media accounts for our school allows the Sisters of Mercy and Alumni to follow along with us!

Katheryn Austin sharing her food with Grace Larsen

Although we all love our food, generosity is an important part of Mercy. Not only do we share with our fellow classmates, but we raise money for a new mission every year. Last year we raised 18,000 dollars for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

A beautiful quote, said by an empowering woman in history

Mercy is constantly changing and growing. During the summer of 2019, inspirational quotes were spread out through the building. All of the quotes were from strong women who were important leaders in our world. At Mercy we are taught to be confident leaders and these quotes remind us to believe in ourselves while being kind to others.

The woman behind it all!

Our sweet office manager, Mrs. Harre, keeps Mercy running every day! She is constantly smiling and ready to help. We are all in awe of her amazing work ethic. Mrs. Harre has been a Monarch since she was a young girl and will forever be a Woman of Mercy.

For more photo essays check our “Tea Time” at mercymonarchs.org

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