The Hunger Games Costume Design by Christina Wood

The main costume designer for The Hunger Games is Judianna Makovsky. She has dressed over twenty-five films including Great Expectations, X-Men, The Last Stand, and Pleasantville. Makovsky's most successful costume design was in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; for which she received an Academy Award nomination.

Judianna Makosky

Images from The Hunger Games set:

Capitol Couture
District 12
Arena Outfits
Additional Images

Ready to wear fashion inspired by The Hunger Games:

Fashion from the time period, future, and 1950s coal mines:

The costumes in The Hunger Games were made to represent different time periods. The capitol fashion was inspired by what future fashion could look like. Some of the District 12 fashion was inspired by coal mines in the 1950s. Makosky could not have created better costumes for this movie. She did a great job making the costumes look like the ones described in the book. Characters that lived in the capitol had more elaborate outfits because they were of a higher class. People living in the districts had more basic outfits because they were not as wealthy.

There were a lot of ready-to-wear fashions inspired by The Hunger Games. Once the fans saw this movie, a lot of people wanted to recreate Katniss' look. The side braid became very popular because it was the main hairstyle that Katniss wore in the movie. Also, there were a lot of workout outfits that somewhat resembled the outfits that the tributes wore in the arena. Fan apparel was sold at stores like Walmart and Hot Topic.

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