Ancient Egyptian Government By Micah E. Alailima

What Type of Government Did The Ancient Egyptians Have?

The type of government the ancient Egyptians had was called theocracy.Theocracy is a form of government in which a deity is the source and all authorities derive.

Was Government And Religion Seperatable?

Between government and religion they are inseparable.Let's take the pharaoh,who is a simple example for this.The pharaoh is the ruler over the civilization.But,he was also a representative of the gods on earth in their religion.

How Did They Achieve Such Great Stability?

They couldn't achieve such great stability without the co-operation of all levels of the population.The pharaoh was at the top of the social hierarchy masking him the leader.Then there were the viziers,the executive heads of the bureaucracy.Under them were the high priest,followed by the royal overseers.And finally,there were the scribes,artisans,farmers,and laborers.

Why was Government important in Ancient Egypt?

Government was important because it kept society together.Without the government,they wouldn't be able to work together as well as with.


The Ancient Egyptians by Elsa Marston

Picture sources are at the bottom.


Theocracy - A form of government which has a deity as the source and all authorities derive.

Hierarchy - A type of organization in which the rank someone has is based off their authority.

Deity - A God/Godess

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