Photography Reflection Samantha valdivia

The photograph in the top row in the middle was taken accidentally and it shows the rule of thirds.
This picture is showing rule of odds because there are three palm trees that are the focal points.
This picture was taken inspired by Andrew Kearns.
This is my favorite black and white photography that i took because my mother is my role model and i strive to be like her. This shot of her really captures the dramatic essence of the assignment that this was taken for.
The still life photography helped me capture the beauty of everyday living things that we don't appreciate as much as we should.
I really enjoy this picture because it shows the class of 2019 and the theme that we were for homecoming week, which was Hollywood Studios.
My experience in this class was very interesting. There were many ups and downs with taking pictures for the different assignments. I learned that taking accidental pictures can sometimes be a blessing because you never know whether it can turn out looking good or not.
This is my favorite picture that i took in this class. I really enjoy the background of the fire and people roasting their marshmallows to show the emotion in the picture.

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