Michelangelo Joseph RomerO Block G May 1 2017

Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494)

Michelangelo was born on March 6 1475. In 1488 he quits school and signs up for apprenticeship as a painter with Domenico Ghirlandaio. Then he decides to leave Domenico's workshop and starts to study sculptures in the gardens of Lorenzo de' Medici. He stayed there for three years and sculpts his first works The Madonna of the Stairs and the Battle of the Centaurs.

Lorenzo de' Medici (1449-1492)

Then Lorenzo dies so Michelangelo returns home and lives with his father. Then Lorenzo's son Piero invites him back to study sculptures. Then Florence rebels against Piero. After that Michelangelo flees to Bologna where he sculpts three small statues: St. Petronius, St. Proculus, and Angel for San Domenico's tomb. Then he goes back to Florence to sculpt Cupid (now lost) and sells it to Baldassare del Milanese (an art dealer) who then sells it as a antique to a Roman Cardinal.


Then he moves to Rome. Then he sells his first important piece of artwork Bacchus (as seen above.) Then he sculpts Pieta for the French Cardinal Jean de Billheres. Then a few years later he asked by Pope Julius to make him a tomb. Then the Pope gives up on the tomb project. So he leaves in anger and goes back to Florence. Then he goes back to apologize to the Pope. Then the Pope asks Michelangelo to make a bronze statue of himself but, then it melted into a cannon. Then the Pope orders Michelangelo to decorate the Sinstine's ceiling with frescos. Then he refused because he was a sculptor not a painter. So he goes to Turkey where he has an epiphany. Then he goes back to paint the Sinstine's ceiling. Then after it is finished Michelangelo starts on the tomb again. Then the Pope dies. Then after a few years Pope Clement asks him to paint the Last Judgement. In conclusion Michelangelo was an amazing sculptor/painter to have ever existed.


The Last Judgment

The Sinstine Chapel

The Creation of Adam

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