Women in history MariAn anderson

Logan and I have decided to choose Marian Anderson.

Marian Anderson


Her father had pasted away when she was young.

Marian Anderson faced racism.

American treated Marian Anderson very badly. But Europe treated her like she was every one else.

Washington constitution hall said that they were booked but then after she asked they passed a law that no black artist can play in the constitution hall.

They were very poor growing up after her father died.


She was a very good singer.

She got they award Kennedy center honors in 1978.

She got the Grammy lifetime achievement award in 1991.

She go the Grammy hall of fame in 1999.

And she won the NAACP image award- hall of fame award in 1984.


  • Marian Anderson was born February 27, 1897.
  • Marian Anderson father died on 1911.
  • She was poor after her father died.1911
  • Marian Anderson first concert was at Lincoln memorial.1939
  • This concert was on Easter morning.1939
  • She had a award named after her the Marian Anderson award.1925
  • Marian Anderson died of congestive heart failure.1993
  • She died at the age 96
  • The year she died in was April 8 1993.


  • Marian Anderson has great compassion and idealism.
  • Marian Anderson had and romantic personality.
  • Her love is more In personally as she tends to be focused on her dreams instead.
  • She puts her trouble on others or the world.
  • She can all sow become timidit and uncertain and un great full
  • She holds on to relationships tightly.
  • Marian Anderson is full of energy.

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