Who Am I ? Bryanna wilson

I'm an artist

i write songs about hurt, pain, heartbreak. My personal issues, what i go through, what i went through. I try to write about what people can relate to. My songs aren't exactly public but i still believe i'm an artist.


My parents laugh at anything i do or say like sometimes i don't even know that i'm making a joke and they just laugh. Friends, oh my, see me as funny i guess but also see me as TOO truthful. Strangers see me as a bitch, straight up bitch. Teachers here at AHS see me as smart, but at Clark hs admins see me as stupid another Wilson just as dumb as my brother.

i'm myself

I'm Bryanna Wilson. I show people the real me. I'm the same person i am at school, home, by myself, with friends, anywhere. The only difference with me is my language towards my friends and towards my family.

A Lawyer

When i was little i wanted to be a veterinarian. Then i changed my mind, i wanted to be a marine biologist. I was so into helping animals, i still am, but now i wanted to help people. Good or bad, i want to be a lawyer.

Bryanna Wilson

As a sibling, I'm the type of sister that will cry to get them to do or stop whatever i want them too. As a daughter, i will throw a fit when they ask me to do something but i will still do it because i'm not lazy. As a friend, i will be there for you no matter what time it is, no matter how i feel about the situation, but i'm gonna keep it 100 . I'm going to be honest. As a student, i don't believe i can make it past high school.


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