The Steam Engine by: tiara otteson

The steam engine was the most significant economic change because it helped people move west faster and safer for cheap, transport goods faster, and a cheap source of transportation.

The steam engine was invented in 1698. Many people helped with the invention of the steam engine. It was invented for many differing reasons but one of the main reasons was to create safer, faster and cheaper transportation.

The steam engine had a great impact on the country because it helped people move by water ways (boats) and by land (train). It also made the modern industry a big and important thing.

"The development of the steam engine in the 1700's made modern industry possible."

The steam engine was created by multiple people but they all had the same purposes. It could carry many loads of goods and transport them to where they needed to go much faster.

"steam locomotive could haul heavy loads of freight great distances in a single day"

"steam ships provided safe, fast, dependable water transportation"

Although there were many different people who helped with the creation of the steam engine and the steam ships, there are many and important people who helped create it.

"Thomas Newcomen (1663-1729), a blacksmith, experimented for 10 years to develop the first truly successful steam engine to drive a pump to remove water from mine."

The steam engine affected the North because of its waterways. It affected the westward expansion because it made it easier and safer for those involved with the westward expansion to move there quicker for cheaper.



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