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The Four Peaks are the guide to wayfinding.

Together, they provide protection.

Logo iteration from a Kiva Jar pattern and Rainbow Guardian figures
Yei print artwork sold from Edge of Cedars. This was my inspiration for the logo design.
Artwork from Edge of Cedars showing the four crops associated with the four mountains.
Local Manmade and Natural Architecture

The Southwest is rich in built and natural architecture. Upon visiting these places, I learned the purpose of the natural environment to the Navajo culture and what it means to them.

Kiva opening structure details at The Edge of Cedars
Mesa Verde
Brick laying patterns in Chaco Canyon
House on Fire | Natural Bridges
Weekend group | Janie, Sharon, and Angelica in spirit
My Project Baby/Stressor aka Kitchen

Kitchen photo by Janie Lundgreen

The kitchen is my favorite aspect of our project, mainly because I was in charge of it, but also because I know how much this space means to our community partner and her family. After days of research and countless late nights with the Finish Team, we came up with something that is unique to them and to this project.

Final kitchen cabinet/shelving plan
My favorite out of all | Unnecessary stressor
Plaster | Mudball
Rammed Earth, Group work with Janie and Josh | Group watercolor palette
Mudball Process
Rammed Earth Process
Life in Bluff

Let the amount of pictures speak to how great my experience was in Bluff.

I was truly surrounded with the best people and places.

Laundry on Saturdays in Blanding | Movie Nights...or weekends.
Twin Rocks viewed from Cedar Hall roof.
Chipped off plaster on the exterior back wall of Cedar Hall.
Unfinished sketch of me sketching this unfinished sketch on the living room couch.
Bedroom floor plan with notes | click to see full image
Plaster wall observation
Window view from my bedroom

People and Places

Comb Ridge | 7FQ8+CC Bluff, Utah
Hovenweep Castle under maintenance | Josh asking the rock what it wants to be
Lake Powell
Natural Bridges | House on Fire | Muley Point
THE Gang
Shiprock | Monument Valley
Angel's Peak, New Mexico
Muley Point


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Venisse Ann Sitjar