ABC's Of Culture By: CAsey urbina

A: Art and Literature

Someone doing street art

B: Buildings

Old buildings that still stand

C: Communication & Transportation

An old telephone
Truck with people in the back

D: Dress

Clothes/Dress from a different culture

E: Economy


F: Family

A family walking with their child
Picture of family

G: Government

Someone who speaks for many people
Where the government stay's

H: History

Historic Buildings
Funny historic monuments

I: Icon

Somewhere everyone knows

J: Jobs

Person looking for a job

K: Knowledge

Books with glasses

L: Language

Different language

M: Movement & Migration

People going somewhere
People moving around, Dancing

N: National Pride

Supporting their country

O: Organizations

Organizing things
Certain things placed in places

P: Population

People living in the city
Population of a place

Q: Quality of Life

A waterfall in nature

R: Religion

Cross in religion
A church

S: Status

A statue meaning something
A car that people can buy, Life/money status

T: Taboos

No, meaning stuff that isn't allowed
No entry

U: Urban or Rural

A city place with a lot of people
A country with a low population

V: Vacation & Recreation

People on a boat on a vacation
A girl doing activites

W: Ways of Everyday Life

People making/cooking food
People walking (everyone does)

X: X marks the spot


Y: Yum

Food from different cultures

Z: Ztuff

Stuff that almost everyone has and uses all the time
Random stuff that people have


Created with images by amurca - "man artist street" • wesley peyton - "A Wounded Fellow" • Victoria Reay - "Buildings" • Justin LaBerge - "Lichtenstein castle" • Delwin Steven Campbell - "Communication." • blondinrikard - "Transportation" • Clean Wal-Mart - "Clothes" • PublicDomainPictures - "medieval dance history" • menartimgdesing - "money economy accounting" • stevepb - "piggy bank savings coins" • katgrigg - "Family" • japharl - "Family" • NRCgov - "NRC Co-hosts the AISES Government Relations Council Meeting" • ognjen.odobasic - "#belgrade #serbia #goverment #night #architecture" • Mariamichelle - "florence italy duomo" • Jim Hawksworth - "History" • derwiki - "transamerica pyramid san francisco sentinel building" • skeeze - "statue of liberty flame torch" • philcampbell - "the IT job market right now. what i'm up against" • sasint - "the device hospital surgery" • DariuszSankowski - "phone screen technology" • Cristóbal Cobo Romaní - "Invisible Learning // Aprendizaje Invisible (3 post it)" • The Nothing Corporation - "#95 Languages" • janin_amandine - "book tibetan reading" • d:space - "Migration" • eschipul - "movement" • keijj44 - "american flag football game american football game" • dbking - "William T. Sherman" • Rubbermaid Products - "DSCN0371" • mrbill - "Closet Picture 2" • Unsplash - "city cityscape high rise" • Jeff Attaway - "Nacogdoches 29914" • cote - "Quality Seafood" • JulianaPascotte - "waterfall travel quality of life" • Sean MacEntee - "rosary beads" • VinnyCiro - "church chapel house of worship" • 445693 - "mother child sculpture" • Unsplash - "bmw car rear" • sboneham - "No" • givenbyg0d - "Forbidden" • ponyQ - "urban (?) sunset" • tpsdave - "idaho landscape scenic" • MustangJoe - "cruise ship ocean" • cherylholt - "girl player ball" • 089photoshootings - "woman kitchen man" • Antranias - "human city live" • burnbless - "treasure chest" • Brett_Hondow - "coins gold golden" • coolmikeol - "Food" • jenny8lee - "Mission Chinese Food" • Goumbik - "busy home desk" • Capt' Gorgeous - "Antique stuff"

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