Animals Devin a.


Devin Andersen was born January 1st, 2002. For the first 7 years of his life he grew up in the snowy valleys of Spokane, WA, with his cousins,aunts,uncles,and other family. His parents never got married and therefore when his mother decided to move to battleground in 2009, he went with,leaving his family and friends behind. His father decided to come to, so lucky he still gets to see his dad. He grew up in Spokane with 2 cats, pancake and buttercup, and a dog, chuck. When they moved to battle ground they gave their cats away and got a wiener dog, named Ryo. 2 years later they moved to the house they currently live at, and his brother got a bearded dragon. About a year later chuck, who was a west highland terrier, died, and they got another westy named Willie. Another 2 years later Ryo broke a disc in her back and died,and they got Eva, another wiener dog. Shortly after that they got a bird named cloudy, and then Devin got a snake and the family got 2 more puppies. As you can see, Devin has been surrounded by animals his entire life, so it makes sense he made his final project on animals.

Framing device, Rule of thirds, storystarter

Curved line, Leading line. diagonal line
Fill the frame, storystarter
Small scale
Cover art
Side lighting, Portrait, Perspective, Black and white

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