Welcome to the Virtual Maryvale Community Technology Forum June 2020

Thank you for taking the time to explore some of the many ways students at Maryvale UFSD use technology in their classes and beyond.

Maryvale UFSD is seeking approval for the 1.3 million dollars that is reserved for our school district. This funding directly comes from the state and federal government and does not impact the local budget.

Here is an example of our daily Flyer News at the Middle School. The students use green screen technology with Touchcast on i-Pads to produce announcements submitted by teachers using a Google Form. The news is uploaded to YouTube and embedded onto the school web page to be watched in homeroom as a class as well as giving access to parents and students outside of school.

Students learn the basics of programming robotics to perform task to further prepare them for college and careers in robotics, automation and engineering.

Students use the engineering process to find solutions to real world problems.

Students create short trailer book trailers, which include literary analysis as well as other requirements are produced with an over-arching production software of their choice.

Girls completing a circuit with lights and sounds!

In this club, girls work through challenges related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Click Here to See a Slide Show of STEM girls club Projects

Girls completing the Apples A-head Challenge!

This live tool give parents and students the ability to see progress of how students are performing in class as teachers grade the work. This is another tool in a parents tool box for helping guide their children to do well in school.

The Smart School funds will help our district continue and expand the ways you've seen our students use technology and flourish. More students will benefit from what some students have started.

Thank you for your time and interest!