I know what your thinking looking at this picture.

Two pictures in a row this confirms your thoughts. This poor baby child is traumatized by cameras. Why won't he smile!

Yikes, it's continued my whole life. Just turn the camera the other way.

Psychodynamics takes most of Freud's ideas except it rejects some of his weirder ones cause let's face it he's a weird guy. One thing it focuses on is that your childhood helps shape how you act when you become an adult.

As we can see in the pictures, the evidence is clear. At a young age I was traumatized by the paparazzi. All smiles removed from my face I began to resent cameras and even now no longer no how to smile in front of one. It's a terrible terrible issue and let's hope one day I can concur this trauma and again be able to live in front of the cameras.

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