Tom Sawyer Interview with the best reporter matis st-pierre

Tom Sawyer

-Hello Tom, are you today?

-Fine thanks you and you?

-Fine thanks. If you are ready, we can begin the interview?

-Yes, sure...

-Tom, when you went to the graveyard, with Huck, you saw Injun Joe killed the Doctor Robinson. After, do you thought that if he saw you, he does kill you?
-Yeah, when you saw that (a kill) one time from Injun Joe, you always think that this dangerous man can kill anyone. And more, he manipulates Muff Potter for thinking that Muff is the killer. It's say that is not afraid to kill and after, searchs an excuse for say that is not a killer. It's terrible.
Injun Joe
Wow!! Then, we will talk about more funny things. When you found the treasure, how did you feel?
-I feel very very happy. I though it was the best day of my life. Today, I have all bought the toys of St-Petersburg and it leaves me 8 000$!!!!
-Wow!!!! You are very rich!!!! Last question: When you were lost in the caves, do you thought that you will never escape of the McDougall caves? And why?
I tought that I will never escape of this caves, because we always went in a new tunnel. And more, there is no light in this tunnel. I continued to walk, because in a little part of my soul, I tought that there is an escape near, very near.

-Thanks you Tom for be there,

-All the pleasure was for me.

-Applaud for Tom Sawyer from "The adventures of Tom Sawyer"

THE END (251 words)

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