Realisation of Concept Chris Leontiou

Quit It

Quit It is an app which will help users stop smoking for good. By offering the user two options, either to quit cold turkey or to make a gradual reduction Quit It is able to support and give advice by offering plans, motivation and ways to take the users mind off of smoking. Focusing on the financial side of smoking Quit It shows the user how much they have spent so far on smoking and how much they save per week.

Using a goals system, the money they save will be put towards whatever it is that the user wants. For example, if the user has they wanted a new coat which costs £60, Quit It will calculate how much they would spend on a packet of cigarettes (per week), then use this information to see how long it would take the user to save enough to buy the coat. By having a community of users that can interact and talk to each other, they can help keep each other on track, create their own plans, rate plans and share progress.

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