Global Warming by: Lindsey Paradise & ella hansen

THE BUBBLE IS SUPPOSED TO SAY "Bring Back Something Green That DISPROVES climate change "

Against Global Warming- This cartoon is showing that climate change is not real and that corporations just want money to support "global warming" and that it is just hoax.

A lot of editorial cartoons that are for global warming often are making fun of people that are against global warming.

Like this one because the man is saying "this snow ball proves global warming doesn't exist" , but the snow ball is melted showing that global warming does exist.

This is another cartoon that is for global warming , making fun of people against global warming as well.

In different regions of the United States their are different view points on global warming and climate change

This cartoon is from the "Washington Posts" It shows how the North East views global warming.

This cartoon is from "California Political Review" on global warming/ climate change. This cartoon is implying the people in the Northwest region

This cartoon is a liberals point of view on climate change and was made in Kansas the Midwest.

This cartoon is from South Carolina, Representing some views from the south. about climate change.

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