The Trajective Differend: Creativity-Driven Mobile-First Learning Dr. Jan R. Holmevik, Clemson University

"Between the subjective and objective it seems we have no room for the ‘trajective,’ that being of movement from here to there.” Paul Virilio
Mobility Through Creativity: Personal, Professional, Disciplinary
Personal Mobility
Professional Mobility
Disciplinary Mobility
A Mobile-First Learning Philosophy
English 3140: Technical Communication. A Mobile-First, Online Course Experience Powered by Digital Creativity.
Adobe Spark: Entry Level Content Creation Platform
Behance: The Power of Social Media to Promote Student Creativity
Digital Creativity Driving Careers

Get Started With Digital Creativity Today

Spark: Http://

Behance: http://BEHANCE.NET

Dr. Jan Rune Holmevik is an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Center of Excellence in Next-Generation Computing and Creativity at Clemson University.
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Jan Holmevik

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