1st Amendment Rights By: Travis Coleman

The First Amendment is the Freedom of Religion, Press, Assembly, Prtetion, and Speech. It protects our basic human rights as a person and citizen of the United States of America.
This case involves a teenage girl sueing for her basic right of freedom of speech. This Court Case is about a young teenage girl that said something offensive about her principle on social media. Her school decided to punish her by not letting her become her class secretary and she went to court with it saying that it is her freedom of speech right.
This case was dismissed with the Judge saying that since this was sent to so many people that were on campus at the time, it counts as an "online on-campus speech issue. This ultimately means she doesn't have the freedom of saying whatever she feels like to whomever it may concern.
However, she did basically win the next court case in which the school made her change shirts because it says "Team Avery" on the shirt in support of her campaign in the class election. The school tells her it was an electioneering materials which means that she shouldn't get to wear the shirt because it is of "explicit" content. She won this court case but was not awards any money.
I believe that she should have won both cases because there was no evidence that she did do it on campus and she does have the freedom of speech at that time. What this court case says about the freedom of speech is that I guess when we are subjected to be forced to go somewhere we don't like, we still don't get our basic human rights.


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