1st trip to Taiwan December 2016


Long before I visited the country, I have heard many good comments about the country. These comments are mainly about the cheap food, clothes and the warm-hearted people. However, during this trip, other than these, I realised that Taiwan has great scenery and architecture.


The capital city of Taiwan, Taipei is home to good and cheap food, be it restaurants or street. However, I found out that it also has some good architecture, many of which have some form of significance.

National palace museum

Taipei's National Palace Museum is a large complex and consists of over 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts, which makes it one of the largest of its type in the world. Many of its artifacts were owned by Chinese emperors and most were evacuated from mainland China during the Civil War, eventually protected from the Cultural Revolution.


Tianhougong Temple

In Ximending, the Tianhougong Temple is a small one tucked into the rows of building in the area.

The roof of the Temple is adorned with many designs
Phoenix as part of the design
Candles in the Temple

grand hotel

The Taipei Grand Hotel in Yuanshan is an enormous hotel, which has quite a lot of history. Many world leaders, including Singapore's first Prime Minister, the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. The architecture of the building is of Chinese style and is perched on the side of a hill, overlooking the city. It offers unblocked views of the city without the need to pay room prices of Western 5-star hotels. The food in the hotel is also relatively affordable and offers large portions. Do order the set lunches which are of better value than ordering individual beverages.

The exterior of the hotel, one of only two photos on this story taken with the Fuji. X30.
Christmas tree in the hotel lobby

liberty square

Liberty Square is an area for large gatherings for public events in Taipei. It is home to three major landmarks, namely the National Concert Hall, National Theater and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Main gate to the Square
An alternative angle to the gate
Chiang Kai-shek's Cadillac
A person gazing at the roof of the Memorial Hall.


Xinsheng Park Area
Outside 百八魚場(忠孝店), which offers good Japanese food, for prices half that in Singapore equivalents. Do try their sashimi platter, which cost little and have thick pieces of sashimi


Tamsui is a seaside town close to Taipei which offers spectacular views of the sunset. It also has a seaside Old street which mainly sells street food and also has benches for people to sit down and admire the beauty of the area.


taroko gorge

The gorge is an impressive 19-km-long canyon, situated near Taiwan's east coast. It is accessible by a two hour train ride from Taipei.

A talisman on the bridge at the start of the Shakadang Trail
River crossing
OTW to Baiyang Waterfall
Looking back into the Gorge


七星潭 is a beach near the town of Hualien, and offers views which remind me of Greymouth Beach in New Zealand. The pebbles and waves look similar.

Brother stares into the sea (the only photo in this story shot with the Z5)
People like to stack stones here...


By driving around an hour from Hualien, you would arrive at Shitiping, which is a rock formation near the sea. You could climb the rocks, although it is a little dangerous. Views here remind me of Kyrenia, Cyprus.

half-time: cats of taiwan

I realised that, in Taiwan, there are a lot of cats, and many of these cats are gorgeous. They are also less lazy than those under Singapore's HDB flats...

A cat in Jinguashi
Cat having a dinner in Jiufen
Cat-and-dog-design of handbags and pouches
Cats in Lugang Old Street
A cat named Lady at the minsu we stayed at Taroko

half-time: Flowers of taiwan

There are many beautiful flowers in Taiwan, and some of them are actually burnt and used as fertilisers by the farmers!

Lavender, not a fertiliser
Not fertiliser
Also not fertiliser
White flying fatty acid and white fertiliser


I would skip the mainstream lanterns street shot here and focus on the other parts of Jiufen.

Teapot Mountain
$8 million piece of gold in Jinguashi Gold Museum
Light trails as seen from Jiufen at night

lanyang museum

Didn't visit any of the exhibits of the museum, but the architecture of the museum is enough for me...

wufengchi waterfall

Wufengchi Waterfall is near Yilan City and consists of a few layers of waterfalls. During the trip, we were unable to reach the highest falls as it was cordoned off for being too dangerous.


Lugang is a seaside town in northwestern Taiwan and has some historical attractions.

"Touch breast" alley
Box person in the alley
Lukang Lungshan Temple


Cingjing Veteran's Farm was one of my most anticipated destinations during this trip. Mainly because it feels very man-made, and that there weren't exactly a lot of animals in the farm... However, the views there were great!

Dawn, as seen from Hehuanshan
Sunset on day 1 there
Another photo of the same sunset
Sunset on the second day was made spectacular with the SELP18105G, which provided this special halo effect.
Boring in the day but pretty at night-Swiss Garden

Taiwan was good, and I might visit it again, this time on a Terrex I guess?

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