Hootsuite Certification Experience Brooke tarpey

Thanks to Dr. Freberg's Social Media class, I was able to become Hootsuite certified. I found the certification process to be both easy and full of useful information. Hootsuite allows one to manage all of their media accounts on one easy to use platform. This probably had to be my favorite aspect of the learning process. Hootsuite makes the intimating task of managing all the social media accounts for a business or brand much more simple. Another part of Hootsuite I enjoyed learning about was the strong community it can help create within a larger organization. By creating teams and allocating tasks, it provides organization that's much needed in larger companies or brands.

I definitely enjoyed learning the navigation process of using Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts; along with comment streams, and so much more. With interest in going into the field of social media management, I found being responsible for so many accounts daunting. Hootsuite takes away a lot of that apprehension, and makes it seem doable! The lessons in this section were straight to the point and all the information provided was useful. I also thought that being able to see the geographical location of what was being posted on media was interesting.

This program has many pros and no cons to be found so far! As I said before, Hootsuite takes away a lot of the intimidation of managing many accounts at once. I definitely plan on implementing Hootsuite into my social media use. I often feel like I miss information or notifications, and Hootsuite will be help greatly with this. I highly recommend this program to anyone with multiple media accounts; especially managing accounts for a business or brand.

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