Harn Museum of Art Good life common activity By: Grace Stigers

Medium of the Art & Technique of the Artist

The first piece of artwork that I chose was a work called Ode a l'Oubli by Louise Bourgeois. This work was created from many different scraps of fabric and other materials that she collected throughout her life that represent different important events. Seeing this work in person better helped me to understand the depth of the meaning. The artist had a very traumatic childhood and the use of the words and the wide range of materials helped to illustrate her many drastically different feelings. The medium of the work is striking because most of the scraps came from the artist's family's tapestry restoration business and represent individual events in her life, which makes the whole work extremely personal and appealing. The entire work communicated a strong feeling of individuality and made me feel inspired to express my own individuality further.

Design of the Museum

The two works in the previous pictures are called Pli Selon Pli and A Heave to Unfold and they were both located in the Asian art wing of the museum. I found this exhibit particularly appealing because of its open concept. The lighting was completely natural lighting from the large window that opened up to the garden and pond behind the exhibit. The use of the space and the arrangement of the art was very simple, with the two large sculptures being the only things in the entire room. The sculptures themselves were very simple too, but the combination of the simple artwork and setup with the large window behind it created a very beautiful scene.

Art and Core Values

I chose the next work, a photograph by Rineke Dijkstra called Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1, because the entire series of these photographs was taken to depict issues of identity formation. This appeals to me because I have always had a problem with maintaining an individual identity during a time when there are many influences that could perhaps impact this identity. In this particular photograph, the young girl was told she cold choose her own pose and because she was photographed in a transitional period in her life, her pose reflected her self-consciousness. This makes me feel more aware of how your own self image can be so easily viewed by others. It also helps me to understand that your personality and self image should be valued and the improved confidence will be visible to others.

Art and the Good Life

I chose the Frida Kahlo photography exhibit for the Art and the Good Life theme. I thought that this exhibit evoked the theme of embodying the good life. Through Frida Kahlo's unique characteristics, it is evident that she embraces her differenced from the common person and shows off those things that make her an individual. Being able to see these photos in person, the impact of the theme is even stronger. It is even more evident to me now that the extent of her individuality in her photos fits perfectly with the theme of embodying the good life.

All photos were taken by Grace Stigers

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