Photo Final By Pranav RAMASUBRAMANIAN, Lydia padilla

This box will be used for the pinhole camera. You poke a hole in it and you're done.

After we toke the photos and fully developed. Hey at least we tried!

Storyboarding our creative story.Don't steal kids. Polaroid photos are the best!

The changing room is used for changing film. Any kind of exposure will ruin the photo.

Film getting loaded into camera. This is essential. It's like forgetting your key at home.

Getting 5 ounces of developer to put in canister.

Timing to develop their film.

Using the fixer to help archive their photo so that in 150 years it will still look the same.

They are putting their film in photo flo to take off any streaks of water that is left on the film.

You have to remove the film from the canister, twist the canister like a clamshell for the film to come out.

Find a clothes pin and set it in the dryer to dry your negatives.

Putting the negatives sleeve onto the contact sheet printer to create a contact sheet.

The negatives are put into sleeves after they have been developed. Silly Ronan you can't eat everything!

Put in film into a negative carrier to see which one came out best and use that or those for your project.

Before using photo paper use a test strip (compulsory) to get your setting right before you use the actual photo paper. Money doesn't come easy!

Putting the contrast sheet in to change or keep the contrast on the photo to make it look sharp.

Enlarger is used to create a larger image on a photo sheet. Focusing, zooming, contrast and burning and dodging are perfected with the enlarger.

The paper is used to help grain focus your image

These are burn and dodge tools made out of paper, They are made to lighten or darken the image in certain areas.

Putting photo or test strip in the developer to see how the photo comes out. Leave it in their for at least 90 seconds to let the photo form.

Continuing to put it in the stop bath (30 seconds), Fixer(3 minutes) and Wash(5 minutes) to fully develop photo.

Use squeegee to dry off water from the wash.

Put the photo in the dryer to finish the whole processĀ 

Don't forget to use the RC paper to print out your photos at best quality.

Blur is used here to make sure Zach is captured in the best way possible. You know cause he's Zach.

Adjusting the aperture on the camera to change the focus on the photo.



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