Photography through my eyes Holly forest

This is a regular self portrait of myself. I looked over my shoulder to make the photo more dramatic. This was taken around 9:15am with a camera flash for lighting. When you look at me I am staring directly at you with a serous face. This was taken on the wall of the studio.
This is also a self portrait of me. Taken in the morning around 9:15. The lighting was from a camera flash. This was taken on the wall of the studio. When you look at me its just a happy cute photo.
This is a candid photo of Kayleigh. What makes it candid is that she naturally laughing at something funny. This was taken around 9am with artificial lighting. When you look at her she is laughing at something and you wonder what she could be laughing at. This was taken in the studio with the white sheet we set up.
This is a candid photo of myself. What makes it candid is the fact that I am naturally laughing. This was taken around 9am with artificial lighting. When you look at me I seam very happy and giggly. This was taken in the studio with the white sheet we set up.
This is a constructive photo of Heather. Its constructive because I told her to look the other way so it would create a shadow and become more dramatic. I also prosperously didn't center her in the middle of the photo because of the way her body was sitting i thought it constructed the photo better and complemented the way she was looking. This was taken with a half lit artificial lighting on the right side of her body around 9 in the morning. This was taken in the studio with the white sheet we set up.
This is a constructive photo of Kayleigh. Its constructive because I told her to look directly at me. I also had Santi aim the fan towards her face so the wind would catch it and add a more interesting element to the photo. This was taken with artificial lighting in the studio around 9 in the morning. This was taken in the studio with the white sheet we set up.
This is an Environmental self portrait of myself that was taken with natural light in the morning around 9am. I used the stone mural as a creative fun background with leading lines, when you look at me I appear surprised and happy. In this photo I tired to use the wind as a fun element for the photo.
This a Environmental Self Portrait of myself. It was taken outside by the shed around 8:30 in the morning with natural light. I faced away from the wind so the hair blowing would give it more of a dramatic effect. When you look at this photo you focus on my face wonder what I am looking at off camera.

Texture Triptych

Blurred the sand in the background while keeping the monkey and the black rope in focus
Focused on the monkey and certain vines while blurring the background
Blurred the background and focused on the monkey
I was focusing on my hand and the monkey, while trying to blur the background.
My focus was on the monkey and to blur the background

On Campus Line Assignment

What have you learned about the use of LINE with this project? I have learned that lines are everywhere and that there are so many different types of lines. Also that lines can be incorporated into many photographs they make the photo more interesting and can help the viewer see the photo in different ways. What types of line have you captured in each of your prints? Well in many of my photos I have captured vertical lines. but in my favorite I took is the first one in the second row and it captures curvy lines. Are these lines active or inactive? Explain. What was your greatest challenge? My greatest challenge was probably trying to find all the different lines and trying to incorporate them. What did you like about the project? I liked how we were able to photography anything that had lines and What would you do differently if you were to do this project again? I probably would get a better camera with a better focus so that I am able to capture the specif lines in photos.

After Math

The experience with the wall was fun playing with the spray paint and experimenting with the lighting. It was also very interesting getting to look at all the different things that other people in the area put on the wall. It range from important strong messages too amazing doodles. The visit to the Harn was cool getting to hear about the photographers experience and her goals with the After Math exhibit. It was very interesting to see all the different photos and hear about the people in them and their story's.

Everybody Loves A Paradef

one picture is worth a thousand words

Hi I´m Holly Forest I took this photo when I went to Chicago. I love too travel and take photos of everywhere I go. After I graduate from high school I want to go to college at Stanford University in California. I'm going to major in architecture and minor in photography. I also want to play volleyball for their team. Currently I I'm playing for the PK Yonge varsity volleyball team. I am in my fourth year at PK and this is my first year of high school. I am looking forward to taking this class so I can learn how to express myself through my photography.

blind photo walk

On campus scavenger hunt photo shoot

Self Portrait



I was not able to capture everything on the the list. But from the photos that I did capture I feel that the flower was most successful because of the details. I learned from this assignment that the is always a photo waiting to be captured no matter where you are.
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