The image is a collage of our team's scavenger hunt to locate NASA Spinoffs in our town of Snohomish, WA. The pictures include the following Spinoffs; an LED light bulb, enriched baby food, athletic shoes, a high definition television, a cloud device, water purification, tennis racket/baseball bat, and a treadmill.

People in third world countries don't have close access to clean water. The problem that we are solving with our newly created technology is giving people in third world countries clean water that is easy to get.

The Particle Contamination Mitigation Methods was created by NASA's Langley Research Center. The researchers offer you methods particle contamination mitigation. During past missions, the lunar dust caused an array of issues including clogged filters.Having clogged filters was a significant health issue. NASA's particle contamination mitigation methods include both controlled chemical and topographical modifications. We are going to use the Particle Contamination Mitigation inside our new technology by putting the NASA technology inside the main box. The NASA technology is going to clean out the water. The water will then be clean enough for the people in third world countries to drink.

Criteria-providing clean water, keeping people safe, can't use electricity

Constrants-money/budget, time, size, weight, cost of installing the new technology


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