Hawaii Tokai News 2018 October Issue

Aloha Reception

On Wednesday, September 26, 16 new students entering Hawaii Tokai’s Liberal Arts program were welcomed by Chancellor Yoshikawa, faculty and staff in the Matsumae auditorium. The students were from all over, including: Sapporo, Maui, Kawasaki, Ewa Beach, and even Guam! After some ice-breaking games everyone enjoyed some cake, refreshments, and a chance to get to know each other. Students, hope you have a wonderful time in the Liberal Arts program!


New LA Students

On Monday, October 1, Alex Yoshida emceed the Fall 2018 Convocation Program in our Matsumae auditorium. Chancellor Yoshikawa spoke about the importance of diversity and cultural awareness, and Vice Chancellor Keith welcomed the new faculty and staff. Danilo Marrone, Interim Director of CP presented completion certificates to 8 CP students and 8 new LA students were introduced. Club presidents spoke about their activities and the event ended with David Aller of OSS announcing the meeting for this term’s graduating class. Welcome everyone to the Hawaii Tokai Ohana!

Hawaii Tokai Students volunteer at the Honolulu Century Ride

On Sunday, September 30, the annual Honolulu Century Ride, Hawaii’s largest cycling event, took place around Kapiolani park. The Honolulu Century Ride annually attracts thousands of riders from around the world and serves as a fundraiser for Hawaii Bicycling League’s advocacy and education to make Hawaii a bicycle paradise. The ride is fully supported by local bike shops and Honolulu police officers. Aid stations served locally grown bananas, oranges, and a refreshing sport drink. Our Hawaii Tokai students volunteered at the “Gathering Place” tent where they were encouraged to “talk story” with people from around the world. They asked, “Where in the world have you biked? Where are you from? What did you like about the ride? Why do you like biking? Where is the best place to bike where you live? Will you be riding the Century again next year?” Organizer, Chad Taniguchi, told our Vice Chancellor “Hawaii Tokai students were terrific! So glad they came all the way from Kapolei!”

Faculty Forum #6 Identifying troubled students

On October 3, at GGT, Robert Holliday, our newly-joined full-time faculty member and Counselor, gave faculty and staff tips on how to deal with bullying and help students who might need emotional support.

October 10, Wednesday, 12:00-3:00pm. Auditorium. Program Review.

October 17, Wednesday. 1:00pm Auditorium. Town Hall.

October 26, Friday. 6:00-9:00pm Auditorium. FREE Movie Night “Canto Timor”

November 7, Wednesday, 11:30-12:30pm. GGT Faculty Forum #7.

November 12, Monday. Veteran’s Day holiday.

November 14, Wednesday, 12:00-5:00pm. International Week Tokai Day.

November 21, Wednesday, Afternoon. Thanksgiving potluck.

November 22, 23 Thursday, Friday, Thanksgiving Day holiday.

November 28 Wednesday, LA Student Presentation Day.

December 5, IS 200 Presentations.

December 6-7 Final Exams.

December 8, Saturday. 2:00pm. Commencement.

This e-newsletter was made possible with help from:

Dr. Sandra Wu-Bott, Publisher, Editor

Dr. Elizabeth Keith, Contributor

Rennie Mau, Editor, Photographer

Andrew Lowe, Photographer

and other terrific faculty, staff, student contributors! Please keep sending us news about what’s happening at Hawaii Tokai. The deadline for the next issue is November 1, 2018.

Mahalo nui loa!

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