Another time Another place

The landscape of Shoreditch is rapidly changing and not necessarily for the better. One area that has escaped the developers so far is.Bunhill Fields. It holds the bodies of thousands of Londoner's who died in the Great Plague of 1665 and is a relic of an era where time moved a lot more slowly. You were unlikely to live into your 50's but life could be so wretched - it felt like you lived to a great age.

John Bunyan is one of the most notable tombs there. Fortunately he managed to survive the plague - as he was in jail at the time. But his incarceration did gave him time to write The Pilgrim's Progress.

There are no new burials there now and its become a place for city workers to have lunch and search for Pokemans.

Buildings are disappearing. Some days you turn a familiar corner and where there was darkness there is no just a void. Some places are given a veneer of 'art' as they wait their turn to be demolished and replaced.

This site is just a few yards away from the excavation site of Shakespeare's original Theatre. In its time it too could claim to be rather a notable space.

Perhaps the Old Street roundabout will be as venerated as the Globe Theatre one day. Archaeologists will scour through layers of mud to discover thousands of silver laughing gas canisters clubbers have discarded.

Small pockets of undeveloped land remain for now.

And city workers can still find their own personal idyllic space

But for most people it is a place to be reluctantly pulled into and then escape from as soon as possible.

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