APES Midterm Review Project #BSDAPES2016

For this project you will create a digital resource for your fellow classmates to use to review. Please remember that this is an AP class, and as such, AP level work will be required. If your work is of limited quality, your grade will reflect this.

Each group will be chosen at random and each group be assigned two chapters. This allows each chapter will be covered twice by the class as a whole. For each chapter you should...

  • Identify and explain the key concepts (follow objectives provided) of the chapter including case studies, historical events, legislation, etc. (40 %).
  • Utilize relevant high quality images and graphics to help explain key concepts (15%),
  • Include at least two multimedia items including videos, audio, etc... (10%),
  • ...and cite all materials at the bottom of each page - failure to fully cite resources will result in a zero for all group members on this assignment

If you are unsure if something should be included or elaborated upon, discuss this with me.

Which Biome is captured in this image?

We will also be constructing a class glossary. You must add all key terms from your assigned chapters to the group glossary document. If the textbook glossary says "see ..." and refers to a different word than that one, then the word is unnecessary. Each chapter will be worth 5% of your final grade. Changes will be monitored through the usage of the Google Revision History (15%). Since 2 people in the class will be covering the chapter - see that person and split the glossary with them. All other work should be done on your own.

We may keep the glossary in line with chapters so that relevant words are tied to the content - we may alphabetize them. We can do that at a later date. Be sure to click the appropriate class link below!

Species richness and evenness help measure biodiversity within an ecosystem - what are the three types of diversity?

In addition, this is a group project and all members are expected to carry their own weight. Use your group member as a partner in providing support, feedback, guidance, and approval of your work. Share and evaluate each others progress - you are a team completing 2 chapters. You must complete a group member evaluation survey. These documents will be used to judge your individual participation and cooperation with your group (10%).

As this project will utilize several periods of in-class time, my own observations of your effort and involvement will be a factor in your final grade (10%).

Energy from the sun is captured by plants and converted to chemical energy. How does direct sunlight influence seasons on Earth?

This is how the scoring of the project will be broken down.

  • Chapter Pages - 65% (Content - 40%, Relevant Image and Graphic Use - 15%, Incorporation of Digital Multimedia - 10%)
  • Glossary Contribution - 15%
  • Participation - 20% (Group Member Evaluation - 10% & Teacher Evaluation - 10%)

Both the Chapter Page grade and Glossary Contribution portions are group grades as determined by submission quality. Quality will be determined by the instructor based upon a combination of thoroughness, aesthetics, and effort.

Your Chapter Page grade will be determined by an average of both chapter pages your group submits. For example, if you earn 65 points on Chapter 1, 55 on Chapter 2, each group member will earn 60 out of 65 and have a maximum grade of a 92 (this is an example and may not reflect actual point values).
The tree of life - all life evolved from a common ancestor and was molded by evolution for 3.5 million years!

This project is due by 3 PM on FRIDAY JANUARY 6th at which time all outside editing needs to end. No late submissions or changes will be accepted after that point. Remember your classmates will use your site as a study tool - put the time/effort in to make it useful and do not change anything. If you have any issues or need any advice, I encourage you to contact me ASAP

Don't procrastinate: Don’t wait until the night before to complete this assignment. Never assume that technology will work for you the night before. No extensions will be granted due to your poor planning.

Created By
Rob Puskas


Created with images by PDPhotos - "trees tree trunks back light" • PublicDomainPictures - "forest trees pine trees" • Hans - "tree tree trunks fog" • Isengardt - "Trees" • @sage_solar - "The greatest gold glimmering through the trees" • DaveBleasdale - "tree2"

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