Digital Approach to Neurodevelopmental Care in NICU Brain Oriented Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

This training program highlights the importance of digital devices for successful neurodevelopmental care in NICU. At the end of the workshop, participant will be able to apply evidence-based research to clinical application for therapeutic evaluation, assessment and intervention in the NICU.

Background: This workshop highlights the importance of digital devices for successful neurodevelopmental care in NICU.

INDIA EBUS is designed for protecting brain at the earliest for better performance throughout life. INDIA is an acronym for Individual Newborn Developmental Intervention Application. EBUS stands for Evidence Based and Ultra SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic solutions for Timely intervention).

Description: During the presentation, the use of digital interface for evaluating, assessing, interpreting, guiding, documenting, analysing & research will be demonstrated.

The main objective is to have uniformity and accountability of this Neurodevelopmental aspect of the care in NICU.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will know the various components of Neurodevelopmental Care in NICU and how to use digital technology for successful implementation.


During the workshop following topics will be covered

  1. Need for digital approach to Neurodevelopmental Care in NICU. (Lacunae in current practice)
  2. How to use digital interventions for developmental supportive care?
  3. Concept of Hands on & Hand free assessment of neonate.
  4. Demonstration of documentation for standardized evaluation and intervention in various domains :Neurobehavior, Posture, Sleep, Pain, Family Centered Care, Feeding, Skin, Splinting, Neurophysiologically Based Intervention, Environment, Goal Setting, tone, motor performance, Kangaroo Mother Care, Activities of Daily Living, Neurological Warning Signs
  5. How to generate reports?
  6. How to interpret the data gathered and use for the clinical decision making?
  7. How to verify the clinical decisions with available evidence?
  8. How to generate evidence from your regular practice?
  9. How to monitor the unit activities?
  10. How to detect the babies with neurological warning signs smoothly with digital interface?
  11. Reflection on the individual NICU practice from Neurodevelopmental Care context.

Audience: It's training for the clinician involved in NICU. The appropriate audience is Neonatologist, Pediatrician, Neonatal Therapist, Pediatric Therapist, Occupational Therapist, NICU Nurse, Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist and other health care workers and administrators in NICU.

Application: Hands on practice will be given to the practice during the session for the use of digital interface. (Participant should have laptop with high speed internet).

Value: At the end of the workshop, participant will be able to use the digital interface for clinical application for evaluation, assessment, intervention and documentation in the NICU.

Duration: Minimum 3 hours.

Requirements: Projector, high speed internet, microphone, speaker, laser pointer, blackboard/ whiteboard, marker.

  • Insight Survey "Know Your Practice"
  • Introduction to Digital Approach
  • Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Care in NICU
  • Orientation to the new interface "INDIA EBUS"
  • Workstation - Feeding
  • Workstation - Environmental Evaluation
  • Workstation - Posture Evaluation
  • Workstation - Family Centred Care
  • Workstation - Sleep Assessment
  • Workstation - Age Appropriate Care
  • Workstation - Reflection

Hemant is a Mumbai based Occupational Therapist. He is presently working as Assistant Professor at Occupational Therapy School and Centre, Seth G. S. medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai; Post graduate teacher for developmental disabilities at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences; Consultant at Ace Children's Hospital, Dombivli. In addition, he is Certified in Ayres Sensory Integration®, Kinesiotaping and Certified Instructor of Thera-Band® Academy. He has presented various innovative equipments and tests in national and international conferences and received Youth Talent Award, Best Scientific paper, Best Adaptive Device at the National level conferences of All India Occupational Therapists Association. He received International Scholarship of National Association of Neonatal Therapy (USA) in 2013. In his career as an Occupational Therapist, Hemant has several publications at his credit in the field of hand therapy, pediatrics, early intervention, ethics and neonatal therapy. Recently, he is the winner of Best Innovative Technology (2019) at Annual National Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists for his " Digital Approach to Neonatal Therapy (INDIA EBUS). Positioning device viz. HOP Baby® (Hands for Occupational Positioning) is used widely with the theme of COLOUR COMFORT IN NICU "

Hemant is a founder President of Association of Neonatal Therapists. His vision is to make ultra early intervention services are available to all the babies in India at the earliest. He is focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

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