Kim Anderson peyton adams, per 3

Kim Anderson is one of the best and well known photographers for photographing children. His real name is Bertram Bahner he named himself Kim Anderson because the name stands for worldwide fame for children photography. He was born in 1959 today he lives in Switzerland.
He started his career shooting fashion and people, then he started taking pictures of his children, so he decided to specialize in children photography.
He is best known for how he edits his photos, they are all in black and white and usually have a pop of color to lighten the moment of the picture
Kim Anderson works for a Dutch publishing company, he creates postcards, and calenders, and posters.
There wasn't really information on what type of camera he uses or lense, but it seems to me like he uses a nice digital camera.
Some of his pictures seems as though he uses natural lighting, and in others it seems he uses Toning, and Sepia Tone because of their shades of brown.
His early inspiration was to take pictures of his three-year-old daughter Nicola playing with her friends and realized he was capturing great memories.
The only interesting story about this photographer is that he used to take pictures of people and fashion and later found a passion for taking pictures of children.
What i like about this photographer is that he captures the precious memories that children create, when he does a photo shoot, he lets them play and do their own thing so he can capture their natural sense. I chose this photographer because i love kids and i enjoyed how he captured them and how he set up the pictures, by focusing on one object and putting color to that object only.

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