Jim Crow Era A Sad Time In America


After the Civil War ended, a brief period existed where African Americans were given opportunity, but shortly after white politicians created Jim Crow laws which made whites and African Americans segregated and segregation is not equal.

Water Fountain Segregation

The whites have their own drinking fountain and the "colored" people have their own drinking fountain. The drinking fountain for the whites is much better than the drinking fountain for the African Americans. This segregated the white people and the African Americans making the facilities for the African Americans unfair and unequal.

School Segregation

The states that used to have slavery have mandatory school segregation while most states in the north do not have school segregation.
The school for the African Americans in the states that require school segregation is not as good as the school for the White Americans.

Bus Segregation

Another one of the Jim Crow laws was that the African Americans had to sit in the back of the bus and let the white people sit in the front. If there were no more seats left they had to stand up and as you can see the whites were given priority and it is better to sit in the front because you could get off faster and get on faster. The African Americans were not given that privilege.


The effects of Slavery did not end when the Civil War ended, and many African Americans were desperate, so they became sharecroppers or took jobs that paid lower than whites.

Salary of white Americans and African Americans

This showed that many African Americans are doing the same jobs and as much or more work than White Americans but are paid less in most states.

Sharecroppers Contract

The picture on top is an excerpt from a contract for sharecroppers that the sharecropper had to sign and on the bottom is what the actual contract would look like. The contract was very harsh and it was a way for the slave owners to still get labor done on the fields and it was basically another form of slavery.

Work Restrictions

Many employers would only hire white people because they thought that white people would do a good job and they thought that white people were superior to black people. African Americans were limited on options so they took whatever few jobs they could find.



This is blackface which is when a white person paints their face black and they preform in shows and make fun of African Americans. This happened in cartoons, movies and live plays. This offended many African Americans because it portrayed them as stupid and inferior.

Stereotypes about African-American Women

We eat this Aunt Jemima pancake mix today but they have changed the logo slightly. During the Jim Crow times African American women were known as maids and people that just stayed home and cleaned and cooked and that was not a good representation of African Americans. Kids and Adults saw this and assumed that all African American women were maids and housekeepers. This made them think that they are superior to African Americans.

Carnival Games Negatively portraying African-Americans

As a source of entertainment many White Americans at carnivals would play the game that is shown in the picture. The White Americans would usually throw balls at the head of an African American to show that the African Americans were inferior to white Americans

By, Christopher Recupero

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