Harn Museum Art and Good Life By:thomas holley

Ross Bleckner- Gate #2 (1986)

This piece of art was created by Ross Bleckner called Gate #2 in 1986. The technique I found striking, was the way he used the oil to give this illusion of flashing lights that follow you where you go and the intensity change with direction. In Bleckner's words it was almost "momentary schizophrenia."

From portaits of Frida Kahlo

This particular section of the museum was quite interesting because it was an exhibit filled with portraits based on one person. The exhibit almost seemed like a shrine of Frida Kahlo in different states of her life and it also seemed to follow her life like a story through the pictures.

Family by Agustin Cárdenas

This piece was done by Agustin Cárdenas in 1991. The piece connected with my core values because the piece had to do with family. Family is something that is very important to me because family is a sense of security, love and loyalty. Also the fact that family is something that grows overtime outside of blood and i cherish all of the important relationships in my life.

Dancing Ganesh- India

This piece speaks on the good life directly because this piece is called the "Dancing Ganesh". In Hindu cultures, Ganesh is a symbolism of of divinity which is something that many people who practice Hinduism try to obtain. The meaning behind this symbol is very powerful to Hinduism and also speaks to some people core values.

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