Out of This World Inspired by Romero Britto

My name is Lindsay Loubier. I am a senior in high school, and below is a blog about my progress on a project I am working on in "Contemporary Craft and Design (Beginning)."

3/10/2017 I read over my notes about various pop artists, and researched each artist. After looking at samples of all of their work, I decided I liked Romero Britto's style the best. I started my sketches, inspired by him. I drew six of them, and tried out geometric styles, animalistic styles, and even tried incorporating some Andy Warhol. Once I finished, I found that I liked the two with the theme of outer space.

3/14/2017 I decided I would stick with an outer space theme. I re-sketched the two I had already done, except bigger. Since I only had two space sketches, I also created a moon sketch. I showed them to Ms. McCall, and she approved of them. Next it was time to start on my final sketch, so I began drawing in my sketchbook. I used a whole page, but didn't get far today.

3/20/17 I completed my final sketches, consisting of the earth and the sun. I used a ruler to create evenly spaced, straight lines. I used a compass to draw perfect circles, that were all the same size, in order to create unity. I incorporated various patterns, some being polka dots, hearts, and curvy lines. I tried to make sure the same patterns were not used in one sketch.

3/22/17 This class, I began coloring my cover page. I knew we had to use at least two mediums, and at first I planned on using markers and colored pencils. However, when I saw the watercolor colored pencils, I decided I wanted to use them as well. I dipped the tip of the pencil into a cup of water, and then colored on my piece. The colors came out richer and brighter.

3/24/17 I spent all class coloring my cover page. I worked hard so that the same colors wouldn't touch each other, and I tried to incorporate as many colors as I could. I regret using regular colored pencils, because compared to the parts I colored with watercolors and markers, the parts I colored with regular colored pencils look unprofessional. I really like how the orange watercolor colored pencil worked out, on my earth. I wasn't a big fan of how the page curls when you use watercolor, but it was worth it.

3/28/17 I continued working on coloring my cover page. The watercolor colored pencils were time consuming to use, but I was appreciative of how bright the colors were, so I continued using them. I took my time in order to avoid making mistakes. Once I finished coloring, I went to the cupboard to find pieces of cardboard to glue my cover on. Ms. McCall cut me two pieces. I cut my cover in half, and glued half of it to each piece of cardboard.

3/30/17 Last class I turned in my book covers. Today I began working on the final drawing of my sun. The page is huge, so it has been taking me a while to get the proportions right. I drew lightly with my pencil, so that if I made any mistakes, I could erase without a trace. I began sketching the patterns inside my drawing as well.

4/3/2017 I spent today finishing my final drawing of my sun. It took me a long time to finish the designs, especially because of the size of the page. I used a ruler to make sure the proportions were even, and paid close attention to my original sketch. I began brainstorming what colors I would use next class.

4/5/2017 I began coloring my sun design today. I decided to continue using markers and colored pencils, but I stopped using watercolor pencils because I don't like that they make my paper fold up. I went slowly, since I really wanted to cover up all of the white space. I plan to continue next class.

4/18/2017 I spent all day coloring my sun design. I made some real progress, and think I'll be able to finish next class. I haven't had the same color repeat in adjacent patterns, which is good, and I like the way it is turning out so far. Using colored pencils takes the longest, but it also looks the best.

4/20/2017 I finished coloring my sun design. I altered my moon sketch a little bit, and flipped the page. I began my final drawing of my moon design, and was able to finish it too. The deadline is approaching fast, and I have to start quickening my pace. I'll start coloring next class.

4/24/2017 I began coloring the moon drawing. I used colored pencils all day, so I didn't cover much space, but I'm proud of how thorough I was. I colored "in circles" like how Miss McCall taught us during our abstract weaving project. I can really tell a difference. I think I'll be able to finish the moon by the end of next class.

4/26/2017 ABSENT

4/28/2017 ABSENT

5/2/2017 Today I finished coloring my moon drawing. I mostly used markers, so it was a quicker process than last class. I like how bright my colors turned out to be. I'm excited to start the process of making the drawings into a book next class.

5/4/2017 I cut my drawing/coloring in half. Then I glued the ends together to make one long strip. Next, I held it up to my cover page, and folded it accordion-style so that one piece was the same size as my cover page. I talked to my classmates and Miss McCall about what to do next, and learned that I was supposed to create pop outs, cutouts, weavings, and pockets in my pages.

5/8/2017 I spent all day cutting up my pages to create cutouts and pop outs. Some of my cutouts were random circles and triangles, and for others I actually cut out a piece of my design, like a squiggle or a rectangle. I made pockets too, and placed them randomly throughout my pages. The colors of the construction paper didn't exactly match mine, but it's okay.

5/10/2017 I completed four weavings within my pages. They were all relatively small, but I think they looked wonderful. It took me a long time to get all four done. I glued each end of my drawing to a cover page, and I was done.


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