Who Am I By Noah clig

  • Who Did I Think I Was Before Entering This Class.
  • My Strengths
  • My Weaknesses
  • My Plan
  • My Goals
  • Analyze My CIS Results
  • Interest Profiler
  • Workplace Importance Locator
  • Career Cluster
  • What Careers From My Result Interest Me?
  • What Education Is Required

Who did I think I was before entering this class? I though i was exactly the same as i was even after entering the class. I still want to do the same career, and still want to go to school for all of the same things, I think that the only thing that changed is that I might switch where I go to school.

My Strengths: Some of my strengths include but are not limited to: Working well with a team, since I was a small child I have been playing sports, not only does playing sports teach you hard work and perseverance, but it also teaches you how to work well with others, and teaches you the importance of teamwork. I am also very good at making, following and completing a plan, in a good timely manor.

My Weaknesses: My biggest weakness is being very impatient, no matter what it is I need to get it done as soon as I can, many people see this as one of my biggest weaknesses, but over the past few years I have been able to change this weakness in to one one my biggest strengths, although sometimes it can still hold me back. This weakness can make me one of the hardest workers in the world, I can get a project that would take 3 weeks done in 3 days, not only done, but done well. This weakness can also make me very stressed out.

My Plan: My plan after High school is to go to CWI for 2 years, finish up all of my Gen-ed and transfer to Boise State. I am going to study computer science and become a CIO, Chief Information Officer, Or become a software engineer.

My Goals: My goals are very big, but I know with hard work I can achieve anything. My Goals include: Graduating College, getting my first job in technology, Becoming a millionaire before age 25, and a billionaire before age 30. My goals may be big, but as cheesy as it sounds, nothing is impossible.

My CIS results are exactly what I though they would be, they all have to do with working with technology, and working with my hands, something I have wanted to do since I was a small kid. The results did not surprise me at all, I have known what I wanted to do to with my life ever since I was a small child, and nothing has changed.

What careers from my results interest me? Being a software engineer is the career that stood out to me the most, I have been wanting to become a software engineer ever since I was a small child, playing videogames really sparked a love for all things computers and technology.

What are the educational requirements for the career. You need a bachelors degree in computer science. You really don't need anything to work as a software engineer, all you need to know how to do it program, but it always helps to have a certificate to back you up. It is always a lot easier to get a job when you apply and they know that you have been taught properly. Most places don't require you to have a degree of any type to get a job, but they will test your skills so be ready to prove that you know what you are doing. Software engineering is able to hire people without a degree because it's not your typical job, all you really need to know is how to program, its just like knowing a language, as log as you can type and speak in it, you will be fine.


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