The top 5 things to look for when buying a new(used) house! brought to you by tribeca nw

So we have all been there. It's find and buy the perfect new home but we don't wont to buy a home that will be a money pit! Where do we start!?

Scroll down for a check list!

First, we need to check the structure!

This first step may seem obvious but it can be just as easily missed! Look the home from a distance. Do the walls look straight, are there cracks on the ceilings,walls and does the floor feel solid under your feet?

Second, is there water damage!?

Water damage can be a nightmare. From weak foundations to falling ceilings, water damage can be really terrible on your homes livability as well resale value. Check for bubbled up paint, puddles in the basement and make sure placement of the gutters makes water drain away from the home.

Third, check out that roof!

You are buying a roof that will be over your head everyday, it needs to be in good shape. Have the roof inspected for moss and mold, broken shingles and cracked caulking. Also remember to take a look in the attic for any damages!

Fourth, look at the kitchen and bath fixtures.

Are sinks, toilets and tubs quality brand fixtures? Do they work properly with out any pressure issues? Weak water pressure can mean leaks or debris build up in the pipes!

Fifth, its all in the details!

A well built home means that the detail work is high quality. Home's that are built to last often times have highly skilled tradesmen work to make sure the finish work is top notch. Take a look at the tile for noticeable gaps, loose panels or cracks. Look at molding and trim around the home and check for noticeable errors.

Home buying has you nervous? Don't be!

At Tribeca NW, we really care for our clients and make sure that the home they are buying is the one that they love! We pride ourselves on our customer service and love to answer home buying questions!

Looking for a home or have a couple questions? Swing by our offices or shoot us a message! We would love to meet you!

Call us at (425) 691-8800

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