Natural History Museum by sana moon

NATURE ON DISPLAY. The display was absolutely breathtaking. I loved seeing all the butterflies flying around me and landing on the petals of flowers. The most enjoyable thing for me was definitely the display of the butterflies and the way in which the hallways were designed to teach you about the butterflies and the different types before entering the garden.

NATURE AND ETHICS. The museum made me feel like I was learning with each step. I feel that I am a visual learner so thing things up close allows me to take in every detail and appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. The Natural History Museum allowed me to connect with nature even if I was not allowed to physically touch the plants or wildlife. Leopold expects love, respect, and admiration of the land and that is exactly what this museum allows us to do: interact and appreciate nature.

NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT. Taking time out of my day to visit this museum was very important in connecting and recognizing the mystery and majesty of the Universe, and it was also really fun. Going to the Natural History museum gave me a break from my studying and stress and gave me a chance to just relax and celebrate beauty. The mystery of some of the creatures I saw was incredible, for example, this butterfly almost looks like it has an eye on the side of its wing. This is a way that a butterfly's external image can allow it to camouflage in the wild so that it does not fall prey to predators. This made me realize that even the smallest forms of life can have to much going on that we do not ordinarily get time to think about.

All images were taken by me in the Natural HIstory museum.


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