Book Thief Theme: 3 Dane Pearce

Theme: We Fall So That We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Back Up

Quote from book:

Explanation Of Quote:

Life Example: Batman, Steve Jobs

Life Example: Batman Is a famous DC character who fights villeins to protect Gotham city. One of the villeins that Batman fights is Bane. Bane fights Batman and ends up breaking him. He breaks his back and sends him to a prison called the pit. While Batman is in the pit, he gets weak from Bane breaking his back. Once his back heals, he works to get his strength back. After many time of trying to escape, he finally gets out and sets off to Gotham. He then defeated Bane after learning how to fight him from the first fight. Batman Was pushed down and as he got back up, he learned what it would take to beat Bane.

Steve Jobs is the founder and create of apple. Before he had the apple business, he struggled with drugs and other bad stuff that kept him from being successful. after he gets the business, he builds it up and looses it to people kicking him out. he then goes back to drugs and struggles until he gets married and raises his kid. after that his life starts falling into place and he gets the job offered back to him. Steve was at the top and then lost his job and had to figure out what true happiness was. After he learns that he can be successful in other ways like having a family he then makes it back to the top and gets his company back.

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