Sea Turtle Linocut Project By Claire nadeau

finished lino cut

Objective: Create a linocut plate and 10+ prints that demonstrates understanding of texture, pattern, proportion,balance, emphasis and observational drawing

  • Must save and use resource photos
  • Must choose an animal, insect or a plant on the endangered species list
  • Lines/shape must extend off the page on 3-4 sides
  • Must have overlapping shapes
  • Must have a variety of Line work (thick, thin, continuous, etc.)
  • Background must be filled with 1 uniform texture
Three of my best final prints


First I chose a picture that i wanted to use for my drawing. I decided to put a plastic soda can ring around my sea turtles neck because waste and ocean pollution are the leading causes of sea turtle death. I thought that this portrayed the reason that these beautiful creatures are endangered well.

Green Sea Turtle

I then drew some sketches of what I wanted my sea turtle lino cut to look like and got feedback on my drawing from my table. They told me I should add something to it to show why these animals are endangered which is why I added the plastic soda can rings on the turtles neck. After I fixed it i got more feedback and my table members told me it looked good and I moved onto the final linoleum piece.

my best print

In Progress work

My final and best looking print was still not really the best. I wanted to to come out a lot cleaner and darker with no mistakes but no matter how many prints I did there was always a mistake on one, it is extremely difficult to get a perfect one! I think some of my lines were a little sloppy but all in all the final product looked pretty good and I am happy with how my picture came out because it is detailed and there is a lot to look at. I spent a lot of time cutting out each line nicely and deciding which lines to cut like the negative or positive space.

final prints (three of the best)


I think overall i did a good job on this project, I stayed on task and I worked hard to make it as neat and pretty as possible. It was difficult to learn how to cut on the linoleum but I think I ended up doing it well. The only thing I am not happy with is the way the printing came out, it could have looked better but I couldn't seem to get a good print or the right ratio of ink, or pressure added to the paper. Overall I think my project was successful and I did a good job on it, It shows why sea turtles are endangered and it has a lot of detail and movement to it.

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