Mapping for Peace Presentation Land regularization Project Colombia (Netherlands' Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency)

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands:

"The Kadaster project is based on the Fit-For-Purpose methodology: fast, affordable and participatory. Each of you measured your own parcel."

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte hands out the first land title to a peasant woman in the FFP project of Kadaster and the Colombian Land Agency in the Apartadó region in Colombia.

The Prime Minister gets the Collecter / Aurora application explained by Javier Morales of the ITC (University of Twente, Netherlands).

Mathilde Molendijk, regio manager Latin America of Netherlands' Kadaster:

"Farmers can only measure their own parcel when they use an app on their phone which is easy to use and 100% reliable like Aurora."
“A land title gives me the opportunity to live in a dignified house.”

Edita de Socorro Gonzalez, peasant in Apartadó region in Colombia

Carlos Enrique Moreno (key advisor to the Colombia president in Colombia) stresses the importance to think out of the box: “The Dutch- Colombian Fit-For-Purpose methodology is an excellent example for scaling up massively."
“Thanks to a land title I can get a loan from the bank to invest in mechanic herbicide. I have 3 hectares of land.”

Marcial Hurtado, peasant in Apartadó region in Colombia

"The application is designed for everyone's use: youngsters, adults, elderly people. Especially youngster like a lot this new technology."

Yorman Romero Muñoz, a young grassroots surveyer in the Apartadó region in Colombia

Youngsters on their way doing fieldwork in the pilot region of the project.
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