The Devil's Arithmetic Araya mendiola

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During World War || the Jews were mistreated because of their religion or race. This still happens to this day. Many people get treated differently compared to others because what they believe in or the color of their skin. They may not get treated as bad as the Jews did but they still get treated differently. For instance, many of the muslims in the Unites States get disrespected for what they believe in.

If everybody were to treat everyone with the respect they deserve we wouldn't have as many problems. If people didn't make rude or racist remarks there would be no issue towards each other. When people judge others it affects the way we work as a country.

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During the war Nazi soldiers would take Jews out of their homes and take them to concentration camps. At these camps the soldiers would make them work for their food and they would treat them horribly. All of the Jews in the camps were malnourished and they didn't have the nutrients they needed. Many of them died of diseases, but many got killed by the Nazi soldiers in gas chambers. The Jews worked from sun up till sun down and they were fed very little. If they were to do something they weren't supposed to the Nazis would hurt them or, even worse, kill them.

During the holocaust many of the Jews were imprisoned and many died. Even though they were miserable they still had faith. They kept some of their traditions, but other traditions they were unable to do. Passover is a celebration celebrated by the Jews. They celebrate it as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt. Another tradition for the Jews is to keep the Sabbath and Kashrut, which is the eating of eating only kosher foods.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

If someone is to say someone is evil, most people would believe it if they didn't know the person. So when Hitler said the Jews were evil, most people believed they were. Because most people believed that the Jews were evil, they would spread that rumor to other people and make them believe. It also made it worse how because the people thought the Jews were evil they didn't talk to them, so none of the Germans really knew the Jews.

Connection Builder April 24

Hannah and I are both young teenage girls. Both of us don't really like going to family holidays, but we do care about our friends and family. We both look out for the others around us, and we care about them. Hannah could be a little hard on people telling them what lies ahead, even when they did not believe her. She stood for what she believed in and I do the same.

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The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen, is a historical fiction novel. The main character in this story is Hannah (a.k.a. Chaya). Hannah is a young teenager that isn't really worried about the past, but when she travels to the past and lives life as a young girl named Chaya. Hannah doesn't really know what's going on and is worried and scared. When she goes to the past she slowly begins to forget everything about her life in the present.

Hannah was a girl that didn't really care about going to her family's Jewish holidays. She hated that they were always about remembering. When she was in the camp with Gitl, she stayed strong. Hannah helped many people, and she cared about her friends and family. When Hannah took Rivka's spot as they were going to the gas chambers, it really showed how caring she was.

After Hannah traveled back to the present, she realized how important is actually is to remember. It took her a while to realize that her mom was right about remembering. It really changed her outlook on her family. It also changed the way she felt about Jewish Holidays. Hannah is now more caring towards her Aunt Eva and her grandpa Will.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

My theme is to always remember the past. The reason for this theme is that at the beginning Hannah's mom tells her that Jewish holidays are all about remembering. She says that remembering is all that they are about and she doesn't really care to remember. When she goes to the past she realizes how much she wishes she could remember, and when she travels back to the present she realizes how important it is to remember the past.

Connection Builder April 13

"The Devil's Arithmetic" and "I Will Come Back For You" have few similarities. One similarity is that both have a time period shift during World War ||. During WW|| all the Jews were being taken to concentration camps to work, but some of them went into hiding. Another similarity is that they both focus on what happened in the past. Both stories have Jews as the main characters. The characters also went through difficult times during the war during both stories.

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Caring, Passionate, Strong, and Unforgetful

Relative of Aunt Eva (Rivka), and Grandpa Will (Wolfe)

Loves Aaron, Aunt Eva, and her mother and father

Who feels like she is Chaya

Literary Luminary April 10

6 Dialectical Journals

  • "Aunt Rose thought everyone in the family was the most beautiful, the smartest, the greatest, even if it wasn't true." pg. 7
  • "Too exhausted to react, Hannah nodded and held up her bowl for its dipperful of watery potato soup. At the next table, she was given a small slab of dark bread. She began to eat even before she left the line. She was too hungry to eat slowly, and the soup and bread were gone before she had time to look around." pg. 108

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