Spiced Butter-Roasted Pumpkin Cheesecake by viv

Not too cheesy, not too rich, not too sweet

That's what the very first taster of our pumpkin cheesecake had to say

Our second and third tasters, a nine-year-old and his kid brother, seven, asked if they could have their very own slice, instead of picking away at their mother's slice. Mother and baker were, after all, unsure if the boys would like a cheesecake filled with pumpkin and a hint of spice.

But they did, yay!


Meet our pumpkin cheesecake, filled with

the purée of butter-roasted pumpkin and a spice blend that includes nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger

We don't just purée our pumpkin, we run it through a tamis, so that the purée is super smooth, no extraneous pumpkin fibers.

And our crust!

Ooh, oh, it's a happy crumble of ginger cookies!

Baked, or No-Baked?

Like our pumpkin that's slow-roasted, our cheesecake is baked, low and slow, in a bain marie, so our filling is smooth and tender, showcasing all the beauty of a well-crafted cheesecake interior

Ten warming slices filled with spice, pumpkin, and all things nice


get a cheesecake and delight your family


6 inches | 730g | 10 slices



our cake comes sliced - tell us if you'd prefer 8 or 10 slices

let us know if you would like your cake unsliced, we'd be glad to render subtle slice marks on your cake if you do

this cake contains dairy, eggs, gluten

keeps well, refrigerated, in its box for 3 days


delivery available


11 toh tuck road . 596290

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vivienne yeo is a baker, a home cook, and a writing teacher with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery

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Vivienne Yeo


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